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    BSC Wing Foil Package


    This package, with a few options, narrows down the overwhelming selection of Axis front and rear wings, masts and fuselages into a couple configurations that will lead you comfortably into the sport of Wing Foiling!

    Package Includes:

    BSC 1120 comes with the 440, 1060 with the 400 and 970 with the 370.

    The broad spectrum carve (BSC) series of wings, the ultimate all-rounder, is the place to start your foiling journey!

    With beginner friendly speed and glide designed into the BSC line of front wings, you need look no further for your first Foil Kit. Also featuring a low stall speed and steady, forgiving turning characteristics, this setup will allow you to get up on foil and focus on your progression.

    If you are looking to pair this setup with the Axis High Modulus Power Carbon Mast, please get in touch with us for a quote.

    Size suggestion (based on wind speed of 20 to 35km/h):

    If you weigh greater than about 86kg / 190lbs, go with the BSC 1120

    If you weigh between 73kg / 160lbs and 86kg / 190lbs, go with the BSC 1060

    If you weigh less than 73kg / 160lbs, go with the BSC 970