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    Join us for a 2 week adventure of a lifetime (or every year if you prefer)!
    Kitesource Brazil Secret Spot

    Once again Kitesource is offering 2 week kite adventure trips to the north east of Brazil. We’ve been exploring these beaches and lagoons for almost 15 years and know all the spots to hit, the highlights to see, the best places to eat…
    Kitesource Brazil Kite Trip Buggies


    TBD, but sometime in October / November
    Based out of Paracuru, Ceara, Brazil
    * Visas are no longer required for travel to Brazil, only a valid passport
    Average daily temp of 32 degrees
    Average water temp of 27 degrees
    90+% chance of wind between 15 and 25 knots every day
    Amazing beaches, Amazing downwinders and Amazing lagoons!
    Kitesource Brazil Downwinder

    What is included:

    • Scheduled transfers to and from Fortaleza airport
    • Shared accommodation (2/room, each in double bed) in the Kitesource Kite House
    • All meals consumed at the house (breakfast and dinner) - via an amazing local chef
    • Based on availability, but previous years we feasted on:
      • Yellowfin tuna steaks like you’ve never had
      • Dorado and shrimp
      • Filet mignon
      • Beet salads
      • To name a few dishes
    • All local alcohol, (typically rum, beer and cachaca) consumed at the house
    • All daytime transport in dune buggies or 4x4
    • Pool, high speed wifi, hammocks
    Kitesource Brazil Amazing Food Kitesource Brazil Amazing Breakfasts


    Jeff Doepker
    Jeff has been travelling to Brazil and specifically the NE Coast of Brazil for almost 20 years.. In fact, he designed the house we will be staying in! Jeff will lead the daily kite trips and suggest destinations to the group based on tides, anticipated winds and group desires. He’ll also be the guide for evening walks into town, the local market, restaurants and perhaps a late night adventure to the busy bar scene in Cumbuco one night.
    Kitesource Brazil Apres KitingKitesource Brazil Multiple LocationsKitesource Brazil Beautiful Evenings


    Competent, independent kiters that can consistently stay up wind and are ready to challenge themselves in the waves is the minimum requirement for this trip. If you are looking to get started kiting… this is not the trip you are looking for (but plan to come with us next year)!


    We are almost assured of having wind everyday between 15 and 25 knots.
    Ideally, everyone has a 3 kite quiver (ie 7m,9m,12m), however taking the travel and weight considerations into account, you may want to drop down to a 2 kite quiver.. My recommendation would be for individuals under 180 lbs to bring 7m and 9m kites, those of us over 180 lbs, 9m and 12m. This is assuming twin tip & surfboard riding… if you’re a foiler, you’ll know your own game!

    Boards - twintip, surfboard, foil.. Whatever you’re into, but know a couple things:
    Equipment is expensive to buy there, if you can find it at all.
    Kitesource Brazil Adventure Awaits
    There are many reefs there, and they can be shallow… foilers will likely have to ride outside the reefs, especially during low tides.
    On the best downwinder, which we will do multiple times, the waves can range from mush on the inside to (rarely in my experience) double overhead on the outside. Typically (in my experience) they are chest to head high on the outside.
    If you’re new to waves, don’t be intimidated, the inside is almost always friendly flat and mushy... It’s an amazing place to get more comfortable kiting in waves.
    If you require kites, boards, bars, travel bags, vests, helmets etc please let know asap so we can arrange to have them well before departure.
    Kitesource Brazil Lagoons Kitesource Brazil Lagoons

    NOT included:

    • Flights - typically between $1200 and $1600+ for economy
    • Out of country insurance
    • Hall pass from your significant other (they are welcome to come)
    • Out of house food and drink - we will eat out at a restaurant at least once during the 2 weeks (chef needs a night off), optional nightly drinks in town
    • Lunches - typically pick up some local pastries on the way to the beach for quick snacks during the day
    • Most people skip lunches and don’t even realize it
    • Party night out to Cumbuco - optional


    May be available on 1 or more of the trips at a cost of $125/hour and must be pre-arranged. Please inquire if you are interested in improving your twintip, surf or all around kiting capabilities.
    Contact for more information.
    Kitesource Brasil Kitesurfing trips downwinders and lagoons

    How Much:

    We strive to offer an authentic Brazilian kite trip for a reasonable cost.. not cheap, not expensive.. think of it as a Premium Economy seat!
    Contact for more information.
    Kitesource Brazil - Evenings at Home