Armstrong Foils

Armstrong the brand…
We are a small group of friends from diverse professional backgrounds that believed in and wanted to support Armies’ vision. We are passionate watermen ourselves that surf, kite, sup, wakeboard, tow surf, wing foil and windsurf. With a united goal the Armstrong brand was born, that goal was to develop a top of the line foil set up that we could easily use for all the foil sports we love.

Armstrong, you can feel the difference...
Our products are the result of an authentic connection between Armie the designer being a rider who is constantly testing, tweaking, refining looking for that sublime feeling....

The Armstrong feeling transcends the product itself! It's a totally connected, smooth, precise, free-flow experience that is nearly impossible to put into words, it leaves you full of excitement, emotion, satisfaction and wanting more!

Armie Armstrong the man behind the feeling…
Armie has a unique pedigree, being a beach born kiwi he has spent most of his life in and around the water. From sailing, kayaking, surfing, kite boarding, SUP-surfing, SUP-racing Armie has pushed himself to excel at all of these sports.

This underlying passion and love of H2O has seen Armie kayaking some of the gnarliest white water that New Zealand has to offer, challenging himself in Hawaii foiling both the Molakai and infamous Pailolo Channels. He was also the first to race a foil SUP downwind at the Gorge Paddle Challenge 2016.

Designing above and Beyond

An Armstrong design is a no compromise design. Through better engineering, perfect material selection, attention to detail in every aspect and meticulous manufacturing, each product is simply the best money can buy and will last longer and perform perfectly throughout its life.

Realising this was a complex and detailed design challenge, Armie enlisted talented and diverse design expertise from a range of highly respected individuals.  

Firstly his father David Armstrong, a standout NZ architect for over half a century and lifelong global sailor and adventurer with a wealth of real world experience, helped turn initial concepts into working drawings with material selection and critical dimensions.  

Jim Moore, legendary foil maker and boat builder (veteran Team New Zealand America's Cup wing building campaigns). Jim offered seasoned advice especially defining the complex construction details, material selection and layups, including our masts unique Quad-C-Beam core layup.

Finally Rob Whittall - Aerofoil designer and good friend- with a lifetime of tweaking foil sections for hang-gliders, para-gliders and kites, provided pivotal input on the most stable foil sections that we have specifically created for this new generation of hydrofoils.

Product testing and evaluation

Armie develops these products to satisfy his desire to be out on the water progressing and pushing his own skills while honing the ride of the foil or board he is creating. Connecting daily with the environment and feelings that he enjoys the most means that each product is rigorously tested and evaluated through each step of its development. The result is a designer/rider that can be critical of his own work, enabling him to feel and understand feedback to make that next breakthrough in design and performance.

Armstrong Foils 12 Month Warranty

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