Airush Twintip History

Airush is known for having some of the longest running production twintip kite boards on the market. The ‘Switch’ is also an international best seller due to it’s all round performance, and there is a good reason why it’s been around for more than fifteen years.

Over time, styles of riding have changed as well as kite design itself which is why our boards have been tweaked along the way to match the progression of the sport.

Our base in Cape Town gives access to a huge range of testing fields for our boards, all within a thirty minute drive. We’ve got light and strong winds in all directions, and a combination of all types of water terrain. We are lucky to be able to jump between the design workshop and the beach at any given moment (and we all know the wind is not something you can always plan ahead).

You can definitely say Airush boards have been through the test mill. Never before do we have such a finely tuned portfolio of twintips. Huge credit goes to the man behind them; product designer Dean Freedberg with the assistance of his mentor, Clinton Filen.