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    Learn to Wing Foil

    The sport of wing foiling is ideally learned in logical steps.. learning one skill at a time and then bringing them all together.

    After you are successfully up and riding the foil board behind the boat, it's time for the second step in becoming a Wing Foiler... Learning about the wing and how to generate enough power with the wing to lift the foil board off the water and onto foil. Easier said than done!

    Kitesource instructors will walk you through the basics and be there to support your first attempts at bringing the wing together with the foil.

    We are happy to teach you solo... if time is of the essence for you, this is the way to go.  Or, they can be private group lessons... your group, your friends, your schedule! This is a lot of fun.. made more fun having a friend join in the learning.


    Pricing for lessons (solo or group) is pretty straight forward; 

    $125/hour* - includes boat, instructor, foil board, lesson specific foil, impact vest and helmet. Just bring your wetsuit and a great attitude and we're good to go.

     *minimum 2 hour bookings

    Please contact us for any questions or comments.