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    Ozone SubZero V2

    Dedicated Snowkite Performance 

    The Subzero V2 is the ultimate performance Snowkite for a wide variety of riders. Whether your passion is Freeride or Backcountry missions the Subzero has you covered!

    The V2 is designed with some of the lightest materials available on the market, offering true performance increases and enhanced flying characteristics across all aspects. It inflates quicker, launches in lighter winds, flies faster, stays in the air longer in gusty conditions and is more reactive even in the lightest breeze.

    • Dedicated Snowkite performance
    • Freeride and Backcountry machine
    • Industry Leading Re-Ride Release System
    • Light weight design and materials


    The Subzero’s enhanced stability makes difficult backcountry rides and mountain climbing more accessible and enjoyable. Combine that with our revolutionary Internal Re-Ride Release System and you have the quintessential backcountry Snowkite.

    Package Options

    The Subzero V2 ships with a lightweight Compressor Bag to keep the kite packed and secured as small as possible. We recommend adding the Technical Mountain Bag to carry multiple kites and all your essential gear on longer backcountry missions.


    Ozone Subzero V2 Range of Use Chart


    Our unique Internal Re-Ride Release System is the market leading Snowkite release and landing system. It has made mountain climbing and packing so much more enjoyable, safe, easy and quick for the user. When activated the kite de-powers instantly without tangling, and will sit on the ground ready to re-launch when you’re ready again.

    Another advantage of our Internal Re-Ride Release System is the land and secure option. To land the kite simply pull the 5th line until you reach the Secure Loop which can be found approx 2m up from the control bar. The kite will stall and fall to the ground without any pull. Use the Secure Loop in the 5th line to keep the kite on the ground – it can be hooked onto the kite leash clip, or slipped over the bar end. This makes landing and packing your kite safe and easy even in high winds. The Brake Handle spanned between the back leader lines on the control system makes reverse launch and light wind landing easy. 


    Size 7m 9m 11m 13m
    Weight (KG) 1.1 1.3 1.5 1.7
    Bar Size (CM) 45 50 50 55
    Line Length (M) 20 22 25 25
    Projected Area (M2) 4.98 6.4 7.82 9.25
    Projected AR 2.41 2.41 2.41 2.41
    Flat AR 4.07 4.07 4.07 4.07
    Root Chord (MM) 1588 1800 1991 2165
    Span (MM) 5336 6047 6689 7272