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    Ozone Rise

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    If ever there was a watersport in which the most ultimately attractive sensation was ‘freedom’, then wing foiling is it! The all-new Rise V1 Carbon has been designed to accelerate that feeling. Freedom to play, to improve, shred, cruise and to venture.

    High Spec Design

    • Ideal for intermediates and beyond who want to make quick progress
    • Feel an excellent connection with the foil underfoot
    • Carbon design advantages with durable, water-resistant 50K foam
    • High-spec design features proven to help you manage speed in chop

      Who is this board for?

      The Rise is more than just a platform. We wanted to create a design that was detailed with highly functional, intricately shaped features that offer progressive levels of performance. Built with high-end materials and the latest construction techniques, this is a board for anyone who is beyond the basics and ready to feel real engagement underfoot.

      Ozone Rise Wing Foil Board - Range of Use Diagram

      This isn't just the beginning!

      This may be Ozone’s first production wingboard, but we left no development stone unturned.

      When formulating the design, vital shaping input and opinion was shared by Ken Adgate, a high performance Ozone wingfoil team rider who has also hand-shaped many custom boards for leading riders in the hyper-competitive San Francisco scene.

      Through accelerating the trickle down of proven technology and design that often takes years to transfer from competition to freeride gear, the Rise V1 is a cutting edge product that will suit intermediate riders and beyond, whatever their ambition.

      Also taking input from Johnny Heineken – undoubtedly one of the sport’s best freeride shredders and racers – Ozone board designer, Tibo dos Santos, combined this wealth of knowledge and experience to create a design that’s built with high-end materials and expertly shaped with highly functional features.

      The Rise V1 is more than just a platform – it’s accessible and fun, but also allows you to feel a super-close connection with your foil that will only improve your performance levels.


      Design Details to Improve Your Riding

      Across five different sizes in the range, from 40L up to 90L, each unique design has its volume refined across a compact shape that ultimately delivers the most stable platform possible for the different levels of buoyancy.

      Foil Track

      By essentially lowering your centre of gravity over the water’s surface, the recessed concave in the deck adds a greater sense of control. The high quality EVA deck grip is also designed with a centre line arch support so you can do much of the sensory work to position your feet correctly while keeping your eyes focused ahead.

      Concave Deck

      The double concave hull in the nose area transitions to a flat-V section where the mast mounts, with slightly more aggressive V sides towards the tail. These features help the Rise V1 stabilise beneath you. Upon any forward movement, water flow is accelerated, adding speed and confidence to any waterstart situation – even when deeply sunk beneath the water’s surface on the lower volume models.

      Double Concave

      Lightweight but durable scuff protection has been integrated for riding on snow or land, although it is best to keep the wing off the ground at all times!

      Rocker Line

      The Rise V1 is designed to not only help you come up on the foil faster, but also ensures you maintain speed, control and confidence in all conditions. Thanks to its progressive rockerline and bevelled rails which increase in angle towards the board’s nose, you’ll easily manage touchdowns at speed and rail deflections in heavy chop conditions.



      • Sporty and responsive ride and super manoeuvrable feel when turning
      • Energised performance and handling. Direct and connected feel with the foil that also leads to very efficient and effective pumping
      • Stable platform with volume distribution refined over width, length and thickness. Perfect balance between length and width to aid ease-of-use but also keeps swing weight to a minimum for performance and progression
      • Easy waterstarts and quick acceleration onto the plane
      • Easy deep waterstarts and quick pumping out from water if the board sinks under your weight
      • Excellent recovery from touchdowns and fewer nose dive risks with reduced chop washing over the nose
      • For jumping, take-offs are smooth and landings are secure
      • Ideally balanced ride for your preference with lots of options for mast position to allow for more or less lift
      • Secure and comfortable underfoot grip, perfect for strapped or strapless performance in bare feet or booties
      • Foot straps can be configured in many positions and are made with soft foam and neoprene to offer superb comfort. They can also be pressed flat to cause less hindrance to your upper body when paddling
      • Very easy to carry


      • Lightweight full carbon construction with 50K foam, internal reinforcements and extra carbon layer reinforcements wrapped around the nose, rails and tail
      • Semi-compact shape with refined volume distribution for reduced swing weight
      • Progressive rockerline with medium nose rocker
      • Double concave hull in nose area transitions to V tail (with a flat section around the mast track) accelerates water flow and aids release when needed
      • Progressively bevelled rails with increased angle at the nose and front of the board, evolving to a straighter rail towards the rear of board with reverse-angled tail for excellent water release
      • Recessed concave deck lowers centre of gravity for improved feeling and control
      • Ultra strong, custom moulded extended mast tracks
      • High quality EVA grip with centre line arch bumps and tail kick
      • Strong insert blocks for footstraps, easily positioned with self-tapping screws
      • Deep carry handle on hull 


      Volume (L) Dimensions (Inches) Weight (Kg approx.)
      40 4'5" x 21 1/2" x 3 3/8" TBC
      50 4'7" x 22 3/8" x 3 7/8"
      62 4'10" x 23 5/8" x 4 3/8"
      75 5'1" x 24 3/4" x 4 3/4" 5.9
      90 5'5" x 26 1/4" x 5 1/8"
      Weights are approximate and can vary +/- 5% due to normal material and production variances.



      The Rise V1 is entirely constructed in a European factory with a Sustainable Surf Eco Certificate. Many design features work in unison to produce the Rise V1’s accessible but exciting and energy-rich performance.

      Central to the practical performance-led design is the full carbon construction that encases a uniquely developed 50k closed cell foam. Bringing several benefits, the 50k foam is incredibly strong (capable of withstanding 50,000 kg loads per square metre) and offers excellent flexibility for high performance riding and is also more resistant to damage.

      Perhaps the most practical advantage of all for the regular traveller is that the foam is also waterproof. Ding it and don’t worry; you can keep on riding, enjoying your session without fear of the board becoming water-logged before you get a chance to fix it.

      Internal reinforcements, including extra carbon layers that wrap around the nose, rails and tail have been added to further ensure your riding confidence when it comes to stepping up your levels of aggression in more demanding conditions.