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    Ozone Flux V1

    Flying fast, bred to shred and toned and tough from tip-to-tip, the all new Flux V1 has been designed by perfectly orienting proven, cutting edge materials to deliver extreme aerodynamic performance with a huge sweet spot.

    • Sensational air speed and immense power management
    • Drastically reduced drag improves all areas of performance
    • Super-direct connection via ergonomic carbon fibre handles with EVA grip
    • High-aspect-ratio design with swept-leading edge planform for incredible glide
    • Exotically featured, material enriched, super-fast and fun

      After almost 80 prototypes, the Flux flies faster than any wing we’ve ever made.
      Not only does it create more immediate power, but the Flux’s precisely tightened canopy structure can now hold and manage far more wind. Load it up and the Flux will keep its shape and create more usable power instead of deforming.