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    Ozone Contact Water V5

    A clean and simple design, featuring an easy-to-use trim system and our innovative Click-In Loop Quick Release.

    * Bar does NOT come with lines

    NEW ERGONOMIC EVA GRIP - 3D pressed EVA with ergonomic shaping and a lightly sanded finish provide the ultimate bar grip. It is color coded with the leader lines and flying lines for an added visual safety feature.

    UPDATED SOFT BAR ENDS WITH LEADER LINE ADJUSTMENT - An updated design with reduced bulk and reduced stainless steel leader line pin height improves bar feeling. The leader lines are adjustable via knots inside the float, simply pull out from the opening to access and adjust to your preference.

    NEW CLEAT BASE - All V5 control systems feature our new custom designed cleat base for extra strength, fitted with an anodized low abrasion Clamcleat.

    NEW BIO-BASED DYNEEMA MODULAR FLYING LINES - Color coded lines are precision cut, pre-stretched, spliced ​​and sewn in our own production facility to guarantee accuracy. We use the highest quality Bio-based Dyneema - this material has the same performance as conventional Dyneema® with a carbon footprint that is 90% lower than generic HMPE fiber.

    New Pigtails / Line Connectors - Our modular design makes adding or removing extensions quick and easy via removable pigtail end line connectors.