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    Rise Aluula

    7,8,9,11 & 12m - Jan/Feb

    At the pinnacle of the technological advancements and opportunities that the ALUULA composite material has provided sits our A-Series kite range, which all benefit from the ultra-light ALUULA airframe, and are now being heralded as some of the best performing kites ever, by riders and industry experts the world over.


    Get ready to SEND IT!

    Only made possible by the recent material innovations of ALUULA Composites, the high aspect, 5-strut Rise delivers the new standard in acceleration, precision control, big air torque and launch performance. The Rise’s power to weight ratio is next level due to the 82gsm ALUULA Gold composite airframe. More than 2x stronger than traditional Dacron airframes, while coming in at half the weight.

    Also featuring the cutting-edge ALUULA Seam technology, the Rise A-Series can withstand higher than the industry standard pressure to the airframe, allowing you to precision optimize your performance for the conditions at hand.

    Ocean Rodeo Rise A Series is 50% lighter than competing 5 strut kites

    As the world’s lightest 5-strut kite, the 10m tips the scales at an astonishing 5.3lbs/2.4kg. This is lighter than most one and no-strut kites made with traditional materials.

    Ocean Rodeo Rise Aluula Kite Weight per Size
    Size Weight
    8m 2.1 kg
    9m 2.2 kg
    10m 2.4 kg
    11m 2.5 kg
    12m 2.7 kg

    Riders will notice the turbocharged lift on their first jumps, as well as an ability to boost and loop in lighter winds than previously possible, with the larger size Rises in 11m and 12m looping like a 9m in traditional materials. And then, as the conditions become more hardcore, so too does the performance of the Rise…

    Ocean Rodeo Rise Aluula A-Series Kite has more lift per square meter

    The Rise is a perfect match for the low-Y Ocean Rodeo Pilot or Shift Bar.


    • Full ALUULA 82GSM composite 5-strut airframe
    • Up to 50% lighter than competing 5-strut kites
    • Precision curved struts reduce drag


    • High aspect ratio = more lift per square metre
    • Ultra light/stiff airframe enhances performance
    • Increased Big Air efficiency in lighter winds

    The Ocean Rodeo Rise A-Series kite has an open c-shape for huge jumps and precise steering

    What are the main benefits of the Rise over other Big Air kites?

    Firstly, there’s a massive 40 to 50% in weight reduction over competing Big Air 5 strut kites. The weight reduction on a 10m versus competitors kites is in the 2kg range! The ALUULA composite is also stiffer than Dacron. This gives more response to bar input for truly instant turning and sheeting. Meanwhile, the ALUULA seams are designed for a higher PSI, allowing riders to tune the airframe based on the wind conditions. The Rise is a high aspect open C shape. The high aspect delivers the lift, while the open C shape results in fast turning and sheeting control. This combination, in addition to the ultra-light and stiff airframe, allows larger kites in the 12m range to become serious kite loop machines, opening more radical riding in lighter conditions.

    How much effect does ALUULA have on the product when it comes to the performance and design process?

    To take full advantage of ALUULA requires a complete redesign versus traditional Dacron framed designs. ALUULA has allowed our design team to move beyond the performance constraints of Dacron in the airframe. In terms of weight, stiffness, and seam strength, ALUULA has opened a new door and an intensely exciting future for kite design. With ALUULA's stiffness and strength, we are refining tube diameters, arcs and shapes that we simply couldn’t support in the past with Dacron. The airframes have been refined and the diameter significantly reduced, and the stronger seams allow the luxury of using higher inflation pressures, and a higher PSI is a great feature that can be used to tune the kite’s performance depending on the conditions.

    The Ocean Rodeo Rise A-Series kite has a huge wind range