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Ocean Rodeo Glide HL Series Wing


Glide HL Series Foil Wing

The Hybrid Light (HL) Glide is the perfect first wing that will take you right up to launching in your first prolonged wave drifts and high speed airs.

The airframe is a blend of revolutionary ALUULA composite and Dacron, while the canopy features time tested and proven blends of polyester rip stops.


The HL Glide boom is built with an ultra light and strong ALUULA 82gsm composite material boom. The boom is 50% lighter than a Dacron boom and can withstand higher inflation pressure. This ultra light and stiff boom delivers instantaneous sheeting control, while stabilizing the canopy in gusts, keeping the air foil in its designed shape.

When dropping your back hand and surfing or making transitions, the ultralight trailing edge of the HL Glide Wing will stay flying longer than an entirely Dacron framed wing; delivering longer wave glides and making all wing handling maneuvers easier.

The leading edge is made with a rugged 160gsm Dacron. Both the ALUULA boom and Dacron leading clipedge use time tested and proven PU bladders.