Ocean Rodeo Matrix Carbon Wing Bar


We are expecting more of these approximately:

Carbon-Matrix Wing Bar

* Due to the size and packaging requirements of this product, there is a $25 shipping charge 

Light and strong, made with 12K twill weave carbon, the Carbon Bar delivers additional stiffness to the inflatable strut. The ability to generate more power and better manage overpowered situations is enhanced. Riding with the Carbon Bar is the ultimate setup to get the most out of your Ocean Rodeo wing, allowing for aggressive riding and precision control.

No more searching for grab handles during maneuvers! The generous oval tube diameter delivers exceptional torsional / lateral control during powered maneuvers. The adjustable back post makes swapping the bar between sizes quick and easy.

The Carbon Bar comes complete with a padded bag that clips to the side of the wing bag.

Available in 2 sizes:

  • 110cm (fits 4m to 7m)
    • 0.34kg / 0.77lbs
  • 94cm (fits 2.5m to 5m)
    • 0.38kg / 0.84lbs

Availability - approx January 2023