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    • Currently only available as part of a package.


    Kāohi Leash 

    Combine the best of both worlds with the Kāohi Leash x Foil Drive Wrist Leash for Throttle Controller.

    Specifically designed for Foil Drive Controllers, the adjustable Kāohi Leash Cuff secures your controller to your wrist.

    This is an optional upgrade for those wanting to improve the hands-free experience, and fly with the extra security of a high quality, wrist cuff.

    Kāohi Leash Cuff
    - Tightens easily with one hand
    - Soft & comfortable with neoprene paddling
    - Adjustable, secure hook and loop

    Foil Drive Leash Cord
    - Marine-grade cord and stainless clip (Clip optional)
    - Easy clip connect to your Throttle Controller