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  • V2 Foil Drive Throttle Controller


    • Currently only available as part of a package.


    Foil Drive Throttle Controller V2

    With the new higher powered Foil Drive v2 controller, the wireless signal strength between the hand controller and the box is greatly improved. In choppy conditions or with lower volume boards, this results in a much more reliable connection.

    Spare or Replacement Wireless Throttle Controller Kit for Assist and Assist PLUS.
    Please note Assist Kits cannot access the telemetry data available in new controllers as they do not have the abilities built into the kit. 

    Pairing a new controller to your existing kit is super simple, follow this article on our help center. Pairing the Controller

    1x Wireless Throttle Controller
    1x Wrist Floaty
    1x Charge Pad and Cable
    1x Re-Usable Silicon Tie

    Instructions for pairing your new controller

    Controller Features: