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    FD External Antenna

    The Foil Drive External Antenna allows you to place a secondary antenna on the top surface of your board for increased signal strength and connection with Gen2 Assist MAX and Assist Slim systems. 

    Note: All Antennas are supplied with Foam to increase your Nose Cone height by 2mm

    The Patent Pending signal attenuation technology has been developed alongside a highly specialist team of international engineers that create wireless communications systems for nuclear power plant operations! This is not just a piece of wire and a standard patch antenna off the shelf!

    Who is it for?

    This accessory is primarily designed for use with boards that feature full carbon foil tracks laminated into a full carbon board. The standard built-in antenna within the Foil Drive Gen2 is perfect for most applications, however carbon tracks and some carbon layups do increase the difficulty of the signal transmitting through the board reliably.

    Please watch the How To Improve Controller Signal Connectivity Masterclass video on our YouTube first before deciding if you need a External Antenna for your setup!

    How does it work

    The External Antenna is a thin 2mm plate installed between the electronics box and the board with a thin cable. The cable is available in either 130cm or 180cm and runs along the bottom of the board to a small antenna pad mounted on the top of the board. The antenna is totally passive and does not require power or link to the Foil Drive electronics box.

    Watch the full video here!

    The External Antenna can be installed on you board and left there regardless if you are using the Foil Drive or not.

    The External Antenna is not compatible with the Foil Drive Gen1 Assist or Assist PLUS

    Some boards with standard or deep tracks that use the 2mm thick External Antenna, may need to use Longer Mast Plate Bolts 85mm bolts for the Assist MAX or the 65mm Assist Slim.


    1x External Antenna
    2x Foam Pads for the Nose Cone
    1x Antenna Deck Mount


    Assist MAX
    Assist Slim