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    Drift Stopper

    The Drift Stopper is an accessory for when you’re using your inflatable paddle board to learn Wing Foiling; attached to the underneath of your paddle board, the Drift Stopper minimizes drifting down wind and enables you to aim your board more upwind... so you can exit the water where you entered the water.

    Easily to set up and dismantle, the Drift Stopper is incredibly space efficient, easily fitting in with your inflatable paddle board’s bag. The Arrows Drift Stopper consists of a carrier bar that is strapped to the underneath of your paddle board via a webbing strap. Two plastic fins snap into place and you’re ready to go! The whole process takes a minute to set up, making it incredibly convenient and easy to use. With the Drift Stopper, you can maximize the wing foiling potential of any SUP that doesn’t already have a daggerboard or center board fin.