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    AXIS Freeride Stabs

    The Axis research team is constantly exploring the subtleties of rear wing design and the difference even small changes can make to performance and handling.

    With five distinct ranges to cover all foiling disciplines, you can be sure that AXIS has the perfect rear wing for you. See the range summary and table to make your selection. As a rule of thumb, smaller rear wings will loosen up your set up for tight carving, but will also reduce stability and pumpability.


    These wings are unashamedly focused on maximizing speed. 


    380 Speed Carbon Rear Wing

    New in 2021, Narrow (only 60mm chord), High Aspect Ratio 7.99AR, flatter foil section, and 17mm winglets on the tips for more stability while hard carving. FAST and high performance.

    It will take your ride to the next level.

    Some of our pros love the 380 with the AXIS PNG 910 and the Crazyshort fuselage. It's also an amazing winging rear wing. No matter what your foiling sport is, the 380 will make it fast.

    WINGSPAN: 380 mm / 14.96 in
    CHORD: 60 mm / 2.36 in
    ASPECT RATIO: 7.99
    ACTUAL AREA : 193.04 cm² / 29.92 IN²
    PROJECTED AREA: 180.62 cm² / 28 IN²
    VOLUME: 69.11 cm³ / 4.22 IN³


    400 Flat Speed Carbon Rear Wing

    The AXIS Foils 400 HA Flat Carbon Rear Wing is one of our fastest rear wing, and the perfect companion to any of our performance front wings.

    At 8.22 Aspect Ratio, 60mm chord and flatter foil section, the 400 HA Flat Carbon Rear Wing is FAST, loose, and ideal for all high performance foiling. From prone, to winging, to SUP, to Downwind to Kite, to Pump. A great high performance rear wing for multiple uses.

    WINGSPAN: 400 mm / 15.75 in
    CHORD: 60 mm / 2.36 in
    ASPECT RATIO: 8.22
    ACTUAL AREA : 196.24 cm² / 30.42 IN²
    PROJECTED AREA: 194.66 cm² / 30.17 IN²
    VOLUME: 70.77 cm³ / 4.32 IN³


    420 Speed Carbon Rear Wing

    Imagine a shorter version of the AXIS 460 rear wing, with winglets.

    That's exactly what the 420 carbon rear wing is.

    Our fastest rear wing to date, at 420mm wingspan, 60mm chord, and 8.7 Aspect Ratio. FAST. And with the winglets it provides good turning and carving control.

    If you are a performance Prone, SUP, Wing or Downwind foiler, looking for the fastest setup, then the 420 is just your wing.

    WINGSPAN: 420 mm / 16.54 in
    CHORD: 60 mm / 2.36 in
    ASPECT RATIO: 8.57
    ACTUAL AREA : 212.63 cm² / 32.96 IN²
    PROJECTED AREA: 205.76 cm² / 31.89 IN²
    VOLUME: 76.95 cm³ / 4.70 IN³


    When you purchase any of the AXIS carbon rear wings we include an AXIS padded cover with zipper, in heather gray, and AXIS branding, for safer setup, transportation and storage.