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    Premium Wake Foil Package

    Wakefoiling is incredibly fun, for all ages and abilities... that much we can all agree on!

     This package, with a few options, narrows down the overwhelming selection of Axis front and rear wings, masts and fuselages into a couple configurations that will lead you to an elevated ride on top of the line components!

    Package Includes:

    The AXIS Foils ART (AXIS Research Team) hydrofoils series is our reduced chord, high aspect wings, and are the most advanced, hydrodynamically efficient foil design on the market today. When combined with an AXIS Carbon mast and AXIS Progressive rear wings, they provide the ultimate friction free ride.

    The mast connects the board of the foil to the glider section. The AXIS High Modulus Power Carbon 750mm mast is long enough to fly above passing wakes, yet short enough to maintain control of the foil. The new High Modulus Carbon fibre used in the mast layup is considerably stiffer and stronger than the regular carbon fibre used in conventional constructions. Innovative, considered and balanced placement of materials in our proprietary production process paired with rigorous testing has delivered a breathtaking performance leap in these masts.

    The fuselage connects the front wing to the rear wing, and changes the pitch control of the foil. The Black Ultrashort (643mm) fuselage is recommended.

    The rear wing helps control pitch and also provides control while turning. The AXIS Progressive 400 and 425 Carbon Rear Wings are recommended due to their turning and speed capabilities.

    Although the video below does not specifically address wakefoiling the ART 1099 or ART 999, we have ridden the 999 behind the boat and were absolutely gobsmacked at how incredible it felt.. carving and pumping.

    * These wings do need more speed than their larger brethren, but if you are a lighter rider or have a wake specific boat to ride behind, you will love this setup!