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    Dock Start Foil Package

    Dock Starting has gained a huge following in 2022 and is set to explode in 2023. No need for a huge and hugely expensive wake boat to ride behind... in fact with these setups you don't need a boat at all!

    This package, with a few options, narrows down the overwhelming selection of Axis front and rear wings, masts and fuselages into a couple configurations that will lead you to dock starting success!

    Package Includes:

    The Pump and Glide wings are designed to be easy and early to lift for their size. The have tons of control, and feel comfortable for most levels of riding. Though fast, the PNG wings focus is not speed, but instead, to be the easiest high aspect wing for riders of any level to ride and improve on. 

    The mast connects the board of the foil to the glider section. The AXIS Aluminum 750mm mast is long enough to fly above passing wakes, yet short enough to maintain control of the foil. The thicker, 19mm mast is the mast of choice, due to its rigidity and stiffness needed to manage the wingtip loads of the large wingspan 1150 front wing.

    If you are looking to pair this setup with the Axis High Modulus Power Carbon Mast, please get in touch with us for a quote.

    The fuselage connects the front wing to the rear wing, and changes the pitch control of the foil. The Short (680mm) fuselage is recommended, but if you are looking for a bit better turning ability give the Ultrashort (625mm) a try.

    The rear wing helps control pitch and also provides thrust during pumping. The AXIS Pump 460mm Carbon Rear Wing is recommended due to its thin cross section, relatively large area, and its high aspect ratio, low drag shape. The 460 provides both excellent thrust during pumping and low drag while flying, which helps reduce the overall pumping power needed.  If you're looking for a bit more "spice" give the progressive 450 or 425 a try!