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    Freestyle Wake Foil Package

    Wakefoiling is incredibly fun, for all ages and abilities... that much we can all agree on!

    Now the real question is; are you riding freestyle (primarily 1st wake) or Freeride (primarily 2nd ++ wakes with some pumping)?

    If you answered Freestyle, you've come to the right place!

    This package, with a few options, narrows down the overwhelming selection of Axis front and rear wings, masts and fuselages into a couple configurations that will lead you to shredding and jumping the first wake!

    Package Includes:

    The Pump and Glide wings are designed to be easy and early to lift for their size. The have tons of control, and feel comfortable for most levels of riding. Though fast, the PNG wings focus is not speed, but instead, to be the easiest high aspect wing for riders of any level to ride and improve on. 

    The mast connects the board of the foil to the glider section. The AXIS Aluminum 750mm mast is long enough to fly above passing wakes, yet short enough to maintain control of the foil. The thicker, 19mm mast is the mast of choice, due to its rigidity and stiffness.

    If you are looking to pair this setup with the Axis High Modulus Power Carbon Mast, please get in touch with us for a quote.

    The fuselage connects the front wing to the rear wing, and changes the pitch control of the foil. The Short (680mm) fuselage is recommended.

    The rear wing helps control pitch and also provides control while turning. The AXIS Freeride 370 Carbon Rear Wing is recommended due to its ability to loosen up turning, required for riding tighter on the 1st wake, and its ability to handle more speed.. as you fly down the face of the 1st wake on your way to launching a 360!

    Although the video below does not specifically address riding the 1st wake, we believe the 1268 cm2 area and performance characteristics enable this wing to be an excellent 1st wake powerhouse, while still large enough to allow smaller riders to ride the 2nd wake.