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    AXIS Pump V2

    Continuing the huge success of the AXIS 460 Carbon rear wing, was not an easy task.
    We kept the same chord, foil section, and wingspan of the original 460, but added a splash of turn down on the tips, similar to the Progressive rears.

    This created a rear wing that is fast, stable, pumps unreal, and likes to turn with good carving performance. The perfect setup for all dock start, flat water pump, downwinding, wake, lightwind winging, and more.

    If you don't have the AXIS 460 v2 rear wing in your bag of rear wings, you are certainly missing out.

    The AXIS 460 v2 carbon rear wing comes with its own AXIS cover, so your new AXIS wing is nicely protected.

    We updated the graphics on this rear wing to show all the technical details you might be interested in (plus some):

    WINGSPAN: 460 mm
    CHORD: 60 mm
    ACTUAL AREA : 229.9 cm²
    VOLUME: 82.82 cm³