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    APF 1675

    The new Armstrong Pump Foil (APF) range redefines pump foiling potential with its ultra-low stall speeds, incredible stability and high efficiency to take you further with
    less effort than ever.

    • Easy to fly with ultra-low stall speeds
    • Pitch stable to help you build a natural pumping cadence
    • Co-designed with aerospace engineer Chris Porter


    Area: 1675 cm2
    Span: 1202mm
    Aspect Ratio: 8.6

    Rider Recommendations

    <90 Kg (198 lbs): Rookie - Advanced

    Achieve Maximum Time on Foil

    If you’re just learning or already seasoned, a forgiving foil that helps keep you flying makes all the difference when building your pumping skills. The APF’s outline shape, straight leading edge and high camber foil section offer ultra low stall speeds, quick acceleration and a relaxed, efficient pumping cadence optimizer for exploring flat water or cruising effortlessly on micro bumps.

    Set up for Rock Solid Stability

    The APF delivers pitch stability in key phases off light without completely sacrificing sensitivity and maneuverability for expert riders. The specially designed high camber Pump 202 stabilizer works in harmony with the APF to provide excellent pitch stability throughout the entire pump cycle. This solid feeling underfoot lets you focus on building your technique and developing efficiency to go further than ever before.

    Designed with Chris Porter

    Designed in collaboration with career aerospace engineer Chris Porter, the APF foil  hares its DNA with his reputed Crisp 333 and 381 stabilizers. Our approach to finding gains across all areas of the foil design have led to a pump foil that’s truly designed  from tip to tip for the discipline.

    *Comes with protective cover