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  • Armstrong MMCP 900 Foil Wing



    Mike Murphy Carbon Pro

    A forgiving and easy flying experience.

    Designed in close collaboration with Mike, the Mike Murphy Carbon Pro 900 is a dedicated low-lift wake foil specifically intended for roped wake riding.

    Its low aspect ratio planform and flat section create a very forgiving and easy flying  experience for first time wake foilers and an excellent learning platform for experienced riders learning tricks. The compact outline and modest sensitivity to rider input also facilitates roped freestyle tricks at speed. The MMCP900 is only available in a single size.

    Constructed from 100% monolithic carbon.

    * The Kitesource team has had amazing success teaching people wake foiling on this wing. Individuals, young and old, that previously were unable to successfully ride a foil, were up and riding this wing on their FIRST TRY. Simply Amazing.


    AREA: 900 sq/cm
    WINGSPAN: 509 mm
    AR: 2.9


    WAKE: Riders of all weights.

    BEGINNERS: Pair with TC70 fuselage and CF300 stabiliser.

    INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Pair with TC60 or TC50 fuselage and HS232 or HA195 stabilisers.

    *Recommendations are meant only as a general guideline. Different components and
    conditions may influence rider experience.