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    Armstrong Mid Aspect 625

    Incredible speed and manoeuvrability for maximum potential in powered conditions.

    The MA (Mid-Aspect) wing range takes everything Armstrong learned from the HS, HA and CFV2 ranges and delivers a truly next-gen combination of glide, low stall speed, intuitive carving and instantaneous breach recovery. These foils offer the best of all worlds to experienced riders in every foil sport.


    Projected Area: 625 cm2
    Span: 690mm
    Aspect Ratio: 7.62

    Rider Recommendations

    Wing: 40-90KG, Intermediate - Advanced
    Tow: 40-90KG, Intermediate - Advanced
    Prone /SUP: 40-80KG, Advanced
    Kite: 40-90KG, Intermediate - Advanced

    The MA625’s speed range and manoeuvrability make it the ideal tool for “sending it” in powered conditions. Whether it’s towing, freestyle winging, surf foiling or freeride kite foiling the 625 delivers.

    *Comes with protective cover