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    Armstrong Mid Aspect 1750

    Lightwind session saver, pump machine with excellent glide and low end.

    The MA (Mid-Aspect) wing range takes everything Armstrong learned from the HS, HA and CFV2 ranges and delivers a truly next-gen combination of glide, low stall speed, intuitive carving and instantaneous breach recovery. These foils offer the best of all worlds to experienced riders in every foil sport.


    Projected Area: 1750 cm2
    Span: 1152mm
    Aspect Ratio: 7.58

    Rider Recommendations

    Wing: 75KG+, Intermediate - Advanced
    Prone /SUP: 75KG+, Intermediate - Advanced
    Downwind: 75KG+, Rookie - Intermediate - Advanced
    Wake: 75KG+Intermediate - Advanced

    The 1750 is our largest MA foil, it opens new possibilities with exceptional low end, a wide speed range and easy pump performance. It’s ideal for rookie to advanced wingers and the perfect introduction to downwinding.

    *Comes with protective cover