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    A-Wing XPS Lightwind

    Remarkable lightwind winging performance for beginner-expert riders.

    Revolutionizing the lightwind wing
    Foiling in light winds is a downright magical practice that changes the way you look at wind and water. Make the most of every opportunity to get in the water and no matter how light the forecast gets, the all-new A-Wing XPS Lightwind will push you to progress. It packs a remarkable punch in even the slightest breeze while hardly being confined to any conventional “big wing” boxes; super maneuverable and engaging to ride, light and terrifically balanced, and an all-around no brainer to fly. This is the new standard for lightwind fun, period. 

    The Power Batten
    A primary design challenge with wings – large wings in particular – is making sure everything stays the right shape when riding. Located at the rear of the canopy perpendicular to the strut, our proprietary, patent-pending carbon fibre Power Batten maintains a precise airfoil profile along the full length of the wing from leading to trailing edge. This dramatically improves power generation through the center of the wing with hyper-efficient airflow and enables the wing’s signature bat tail outline. A narrower wingspan with less outboard weight is more balanced, much easier to pump up onto foil and overall feels smaller than other wings of equivalent area – all huge wins out on the water. 

    Cross Panel Sail Design
    The innovative Cross Panel Sail (XPS) design provides an outstanding connected feel to the wing when riding. By arranging the canopy panels at diagonal angles, this futuristic panel layout greatly reduces sail distortion and improves load distribution and frame rigidity. This gives all XPS Lightwind sizes a very direct and controlled feel for easy and comfortable flying. Removable carbon fibre battens minimise trailing edge flutter and provide easy canopy tuning for varying wind strengths. 

    Hybrid Carbon Handles
    The proprietary Hybrid Carbon Handle (HCH) design has a rigid carbon interior skeleton and a soft padded exterior. Also found on our XPS wings, it’s a light and ultra-stiff combination that offers the best balance of control and comfort. The strut shape positions the handles in a highly ergonomic position to boost your session endurance. A lack of hard edges also adds an element of impact safety for you and your board.


    • Airframe: New generation high quality lightweight Dacron, tried and tested polyester Dacron and Ultra PE woven laminate reinforcements are light and stiff and helps the airfoil maintain its precise shape. 
    • Cross Panel Sail Design Canopy: Boosts canopy tension and load distribution for a direct feel when powered. Teijin Technoforce D3 canopy material.
    • Power Batten: Patent-pending carbon fibre bar that enhances wing performance. Extended UPE reinforcement, special stitching details and double layer UPE end pockets. Replaceable.  
    • Trailing Edge Battens: These carbon fibre battens minimise trailing edge flutter and are removable for a tunable feel.
    • Hybrid Carbon Handles: Rigid carbon skeleton with a soft, padded exterior.
    • Windows: Made from TPU that is ultra-clear, lightweight and can be folded for an easy packdown. It also handles cold temperatures without cracking. 
    • Sizes: 7 and 8m2.



    Wind range: 7-15kts 
    Area: 7.0m2 
    Span: 357.5cm  
    Weight: TBC 
    Max PSI: 6 


    Wind range: 4-10kts 
    Area: 8.0m2 
    Span: 374.4cm  
    Weight: TBC 
    Max PSI: 6 

    Includes bag, spare battens and patch kit.