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    Duotone Rebel SLS


    Introducing the redesigned Rebel SLS for 2024, a true icon that continues to push boundaries and redefine the riding experience for a new generation of riders.

    This year, the design team focused on the wing tips to improve the handling and turning speed. In addition, the canopy tension was also optimised to improve the gust handling and enable the kite to keep its shape no matter the wind strength. The combination of Penta TX and Trinity TX creates a remarkably rigid kite that maintains its shape even in challenging gusty conditions, providing consistent and smooth power delivery. The addition of Flex Struts allows the tips to twist, resulting in intuitive handling and exceptionally dynamic steering.

    2024 Duotone Rebel SLS Characteristics

    While the Rebel SLS offers impressive power, it also provides unparalleled control. With its instantaneous depower, you can confidently navigate strong conditions and achieve extraordinary heights during big air jumps.

    The explosive take-off and vertical boost of the kite will propel you to new levels, while the extended hangtime will make you feel as if you're floating in the air, experiencing longer flight times with every jump. Even in light winds, the Rebel SLS remains highly capable, delivering ample low-end power through quick upstrokes, thanks to its lighter weight. This reduced weight also improves drift, allowing you to swing under the kite during landings and easily recover it.

    The Rebel SLS is a perfect choice for freeride enthusiasts and those seeking massive jumps with long hangtimes. Light up the height scores at your local spot and go extra-large with the new Rebel SLS.


    Easiest Kite to Jump

    The Rebel SLS is the easiest kite in the range to jump. Simply redirect and hold the edge, and you are rewarded with massive lift every time.

    Bigger Vertical Boost
    For 2024 the Rebel SLS has been tweaked to improve the vertical boost this jumping machine delivers.

    Instant Absolute Depower
    Total control is right at your fingertips, simply sheet out on the bar, and the kite spills power faster than any other kite in the range.

    Fast and Agile
    The Rebel SLS has been designed to be much more responsive; this allows you to fly the kite around the window with precision and power and get the kite to the edge of the window quickly in gusts so you can dump power when needed.

    SLS Construction
    The SLS construction helps reduce the overall weight of the kite and improves performance by making the frame stiffer. In addition, materials like Penta TX and Trinity TX make the kite light while offering excellent durability.

    Good Drift and Long Hangtime
    Tune the kite to your riding style, increase the turning speed or slow it down, increase or decrease the bar pressure, and fly the kite how you want to fly it.


    SIZE 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
    WIND RANGE (knots) 21-40
    10-23 9-21
    REC. LINE LENGTH (m) 22
    24 24
    WEIGHT WITHOUT BAG (kg) 2.5 2.6 2.84 2.9 3.10 3.38 3.63 3.75 3.96