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    Neo Concept Blue

    Duotone Kiteboarding Concept Blue - Link


    The Neo has been synonymous with wave-riding excellence from its inception. Now, in 2024, the Neo Concept Blue embodies our unwavering commitment to versatile, high-performance wave riding. This year's version introduces an enhanced wingtip shape and construction, improving the handling both on the wave and for strapless tricks. Moreover, the new kite incorporates the groundbreaking Concept Blue, utilising undyed fabrics to reduce water and chemical usage, a bio-based bladder, and recycled plastic components, further underlining our dedication to sustainability.

    The refinements don't stop there. The Neo Concept Blue’s construction incorporates an increased area of Trinity TX in the wingtip region, effectively reducing weight without compromising durability. This innovation facilitates exceptional drifting capabilities, perfect for riding down the line. Additionally, the kite's overall profile receives an update, featuring a slightly deeper centre profile and a moderately deeper profile towards the tips. These modifications enhance the kite's low-end power and allow for precise wingtip loading, resulting in highly responsive steering. These improvements make the Neo Concept Blue a standout choice for wave-riding enthusiasts, delivering lightning-fast turns and unmatched drift. Its popularity in the wave kite market is well-earned. Versatility remains at the forefront, thanks to multiple settings on the tips that enable you to fine-tune the kite's performance based on the day's conditions. Whether you're embarking on a flatwater strapless freestyle session or conquering the waves, the Neo Concept Blue can be customized for maximum pop and powerful loops or optimized for exceptional drift and rapid turning speed. Another remarkable feature of the Neo Concept Blue is its consistent power delivery across the entire wind range. Abundant low-end power allows you to choose a smaller, more dynamic size, elevating your overall performance. Simultaneously, the Neo Concept Blue offers an extensive upper range with generous depower, allowing you to extend your time on the water even as conditions change.

    With a host of updates and upgrades for 2024, the new Neo Concept Blue sets the bar high, both in terms of performance and sustainability. This class-leading wave kite continues to push boundaries, and all you have to do is get a launch and join the party.

    2024 Duotone Neo Concept Blue Performance



    The Neo Concept Blue is famous for its incredible drifting abilities, allowing the kite to float down the line while you worry about riding the wave. 

    In addition to the high-end materials we use in all kites, we are using undyed fabrics, saving lots of water and reducing chemical usage; these are coupled with a new Bio-Based Bladder material and recycled plastic parts wherever they are needed. 

    The new wing tip shape and construction have improved the turning speed and responsiveness of the kite, making it even more dynamic. 

    The range of the Neo Concept Blue is legendary! It has a huge bottom end, meaning you can get going on a smaller kite before other riders; this, coupled with impressive depower, has you out riding for longer when the wind picks up, and you can get away with a smaller quiver. 

    The turning speed of the Neo Concept Blue is exceedingly quick; not only that, the kite has been designed to react to bar inputs incredibly quickly, but this also makes it one of the most responsive kites on the market. 

    The larger kites have been designed to use a wider arc and have less sweep in the tips, maximising power, while the smaller sizes have more sweep and a narrower arc with a focus on manoeuvrability. 

    Size (m) 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    Windrange 23 - 38 21 - 36 19 - 34 17 - 32 15 - 30 13 - 28 12 - 25 11 - 22
    Rec. Line Length 22 (24) 22 (24) 22 (24) 22 (24) 22 - 24 22 - 24 22 - 24 22 - 24
    Weight without Bag (KG) 2.05 2.25 2.40 2.65 2.80 3.00 3.15 3.35