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  • 2023 ION Slash AMP Helmet



    Slash AMP Helmet

    The 360°-Fit system allows for a quick, snug, and comfortable fit right out of the box. Whereas standard helmets are only adjustable on their back part, the Slash AMP's headband leads from the back to the front right around the entire head. This considers the full circumference and individual shape of the rider's head - instead of simply pressing it against the front of the helmet. 360° Fit results in enhanced wearing comfort, less movement while riding or when crashing, and an even distribution of pressure. To top it off, the headband's adjustability extends the size range meaning riders can select from two sizes only. The helmet Slash Amp comes with integrated ear pads.


    Adjustable fitting system

    • Ergonomic and size adjustable fitting system which wraps around the riders head for maximum comfort.

    CE EN 1385 certified
    Removeable Ear Pads
    Adjustable buckle / chin strap

    EPP double impact protection

    • Enhanced shock absorbing material that protects your head over and over again. Unlike other helmets this one is still reliable after many crashes.