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    Duotone Whip SLS

    Small to Medium Waves / Strapless Freestyle

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    The Whip SLS is an incredible small to medium wave and strapless freestyle machine.

    A generous nose rocker, high-performance rails and a "wide bump-squash" tail design make the Whip quick and agile when transitioning rail to rail. It is very reactive and can operate in a tight transition in small waves for radical turns. The Whip's compact shape is the ideal board for strapless freestyle pros and seasoned surfers. The Whip SLS is an extremely well-balanced board with incredible handling, but still provides explosive snap off the top with the ability to turn in a very tight radius on steep sections.

    If you want to perform the latest tricks and lay some serious turns in the critical part of the wave, the Whip SLS is the board for you!



    2021 Duotone Whip SLS Kiteboarding Surfboard ActionPic
      • HIGH-PERFORMANCE SMALL WAVE / FREESTYLE BOARD: The unique shape of the Whip SLS makes it the perfect board for the rider who likes to throw down the latest tricks as much as they want to carve up the waves.
      • SNAPPY TOP TURNS: The compact shape enables you to turn incredibly tightly in the pocket; vertical top to bottom turns are the specialty of the Whip
      • INCREDIBLE SPEED GENERATION: The rocker line and channel on the board's base combine to offer incredible speed, both on the wave and when riding on the flat; this is great for linking turns, catching fast waves, and popping huge tricks
      • INNEGRA SHIELD: The Innegra shield completely wraps around the whole board; this provides unrivalled protection from everyday knocks and scrapes and keeps your board looking fresh
      • CORK SHOCK ABSORBER 2.0: Comfort for your feet, the cork shock absorber 2.0 takes the pressure off your heels while providing perfect contact with the board to transfer your movements into the wave
      • CARBON BEAM: The carbon beam injects a high level of response and flex, making the board feel alive underfoot

    SIZES 4'11" X 17 3/4" X 2" 5'1" 18 1/4" X 2 1/8" 5'3" X 18 3/4" X 2 1/4"
    VOLUME 19.1L 21.6L 24.2L
    WEIGHT 45-65KG 55-75KG 70-90KG
    BOARD WEIGHT* (KG) 2.63 2.83 3.06

    *Weight Tolerance +- 6% possible