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    ION Nova Kite Harness

    Kite Waist Harness - Medium / Soft

    The Nova is the perfect harness for everyone who's looking for flexibility combined with good back support. With a flex index of 6, it belongs to the medium soft harnesses. Flexible side parts and an internal flex belt allow for good mobility while an EVA pad on the inside provides cushioning and comfort. The result is a sound balance between freedom of movement and support through a high outline. The harness comes with a lightweight thanks to the partly Curv construction, non-water absorbent HD_Foam, and the sleek Spectre Bar (kite hook included). The Curv_Flaps of the Spectre bar create a seamless and optimal force distribution throughout the harness. The Nova comes with an integrated Kite_Knife Multitool 2.0 and handlepass leash slider.


    • Partly Curv Partly molded Curv composite material with strong back support and flexible sideparts
    • Inside EVA EVA on the inside prevents the harness from riding up and rotating
    • Spectre Bar / KS
      ION‘s latest innovation in spreader bar technology. Incredible flexibility and a slim outline. Including a lightweight aluminium hook.
    • Ultra lightweight
      Thanks to its light construction combined with a clever mix of materials, this harness ranks as the most durable and lightweight hard shell on the market.

    ION Women's Nova Kite Harness Size Chart