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    Duotone Entity Ergo

    Kiteboard Bindings Boot

    The revolutionary Entity Ergo sets the new benchmark in the hold, ergonomy, safety, and comfort.

    The skeleton of a foot consists of 28 bones. The foot bones can be divided into the following groups: tarsal bones, metatarsal bones, and phalanxes. 20 muscles and over 114 tendons and ligaments ensure the bones' required flexibility and stability to each other: a fine nerve and blood vessel network supply the surface and deeper muscles above and below the foot.

    • Economic Eva Pad combined with the toe padding guarantees always having the right grip, an optimal pressure distribution with maximum comfort.
    • Stiff Strap Connection keeps your feet in the right place and keeps the whole strap closed in any condition.

    This new ergonomic NTT gives relief to overstressed nerves and prevents fatigue and pain, your feet will get less tired, and you’ll stay on the water longer. The ergonomic NTT footpads, combined with the adjustable heel pads, help reduce pressure on the heel and even avoid shocks on the entire body, helping alleviate long-term foot, back, and knee pain. An additional nice little gimmick is the possibility to stick the screws of the pad on the bottom of the pad so you don’t lose them whilst traveling.

    This is why you need the new ergonomic 2021 Duotone Entity Ergo Kiteboard Bindings and the choice of four different sizes to find exactly the NTT which fits your feet.

    EU 36 - 39 39 - 43 43 - 45 45 - 47
    US 4 - 6.5 6.5 - 10 10 - 11 11 - 13
    UK 3.5 - 5.5 5.5 - 9 9 - 10 10 - 12
    SIZE-CHECK 190 - 215 MM 205 - 225 MM 215 - 235 MM 225 - 250 MM