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    React 2.5m Trainer Kite

    The React Trainer Kite is a 2.5m, 4 line kite designed to rig and fly just like full scale kites! The React comes ready to fly including it’s own trainer harness that doubles as your bag!

    The React saves you time, energy and instruction hours through the first step of your kiteboarding journey. Learn how to sheet your kite BEFORE getting in the water, learn how to manage gusts and steering the same way you will once you transition to a full size kite. 

    * you will almost never find these kites for sale used... they are so much fun to fly, everyone keeps them for friends and family!

    Each React Trainer comes with:

    Trainer Harness / Carry Bag
    2.5m React kite
    Control Bar with 15m lines
    Inflation Pump