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    Due to the nature of the wind, and specifically with it not adhering to a schedule, organizing group lessons can be extremely challenging... 

    Private Lessons afford us the ability to offer lessons on days and times that work for you, to learn at a pace that is specific to you and with a focus on your optimum learning objectives.

    We have multiple options for private lessons, they can be solo... if time is of the essence for you, this is the way to go.  Or, they can be private group lessons... your group, your friends, your schedule!


    Pricing for private lessons (solo or group) is pretty straight forward; 

    $125/hour* - includes everything kite specific (not wetsuits nor booties, which are both required), plus boat support for all water activities.

    For any land based training, we can manage a maximum of 4 students.  For water portions of the lesson, we accept a maximum of 2 students in the water at any given time.

    Whether 4 students for the land or 2 students for the water, the rate is the same.. $125/hour*... get a group together and book your private Kiteboarding Lessons today!

    *minimum 4 hour bookings

    Please contact us for any questions or comments.