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    Armstrong Shims -2 degrees


    Our state of the art rear wing configuration incorporates an easy to change, honeycomb Titanium Trim Fairings that allow you to fine tune the angle of the Tail Wing to your personal requirements.
    The TTF sets the angle of attack of the tail wing. We use -2 degree, Zero degree and +1 degree trim options. The TTF works in conjunction with changing the front wings, fueslarge length and your required use and feeling.

    -2 Degree: Ideal for learning, heavier riders, larger boards and windsurf freeride. Tail has more down force giving front wing more lift at lower speeds and better Yaw (directional) stability.

    Zero Degree: Ideal for all round progression.

    +1 Degree: More top end speed and control, better pump for advanced riders looking to maximize glide. During a drop or speed spike the +1 helps keep the wing in the water and adds control during turns.

    Most Armstrong Foil Wing Kits come with the +1 and 0 degree shims, please request if you need either of these.