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    Ultralight V-Strap

    Ride ambidextrously.

    The V-strap front footstrap design offers riders the slickest and most comfortable option for winging or kite foiling. Crafted from the same pressed memory foam as our popular straight footstrap, this arrangement allows for ultra smooth front foot changes when tacking and gybing. The V-strap is easily compressed under the chest when paddling out and provides multiple placement and sizing options thanks to several screw holes at each corner. We recommend firmly screwing down the washers in order to fully compress the foam webbing for maximum strength and material longevity.

    - On Wing FG or older Armstrong wing and surf boards, use the 27mm self-tapping screws and titanium hex washers

    - On the WKT board, use the WKT-specific 19.5mm titanium plated countersunk head screws and titanium hex washers.