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    Step 1 / S1 Foil Kit

    Introducing the Armstrong Step 1 (S1) Foil Range: a revolutionary step in the foiling world, crafted to make your first venture into foiling as seamless and effortless as possible. The S1 foils are designed with beginners in mind, featuring exceptional stability, an ultra-low flying speed, and an intuitive handling experience.

    Stability and Control: The S1’s superior pitch, roll, and yaw stability create a near-autopilot feel, essential for newcomers to foiling. This stability is achieved through meticulously designed features such as leading and trailing edge sweeps, optimal chord length, and specialized foil section geometry. These characteristics form a remarkably easy platform that enables first-time flyers to learn and master any foiling discipline with confidence.

    Low-Speed Flight and Safety: Fly at incredibly low speeds while maintaining high controllability. The S1 foils allow for safe practice of maneuvers, reducing the risk of accidents and flattening the learning curve. Unique downturned wingtips further enhance safety, ensuring efficient water flow and minimizing the chance of breaching. Even when overpowered, the S1 foil gracefully descends back towards the water’s surface, showcasing its excellent recovery capabilities.

    Construction and Design: Built with the precision and quality synonymous with Armstrong, the S1 range employs carbon composites for an optimal strength-to-weight ratio. This construction not only ensures durability but also contributes to the foil’s overall performance and ease of use. The proprietary Armstrong A+ System enhances foil connection, offering unmatched stiffness, durability, and modularity.

    Technical Specifications:

    1250cm²: Span 848mm | Aspect Ratio 5.7
    1550cm²: Span 905mm | Aspect Ratio 5.3
    1850cm²: Span 965mm | Aspect Ratio 5.0
    2450cm²: Span 1054mm | Aspect Ratio 4.8
    300cm² Stabilizer: Span 410mm | Aspect Ratio 5.7

    Designed to empower, the Armstrong S1 Foil Range is your perfect partner as you embark on your foiling journey. Experience the thrill of foiling with a product that blends innovation, safety, and pioneering design, tailored for the first-time flyer.