Huh? Who is Duotone... I've never heard of them!?
Duotone is a new name for arguably? the largest kite brand in the world.. North Kiteboarding! 
But why? North Kiteboarding sounds way better than Duotone Kiteboarding!
Agreed, along with almost everyone in the world, but North was a licensed name / brand that was used by Boards & More. To be clear, North Kiteboarding was created by the B&M team right from the beginning... they have just decided to part ways with the large investment bank that owns the North brand rights.
What about my existing North gear?
You're good, B&M owns the rights to the Evo, Rebel, Dice, Vegas etc and will continue to handle warranty claims etc on the equipment they have produced and sold.. it's just going to be called Duotone now.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us and guide you through the change...

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