2022 Duotone Pace SLS Kiteboarding Foilboard


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Duotone Pace SLS

Foil Freeride

The Pace SLS is the board to fulfil your need for speed when freeriding, smashing the latest freestyle tricks or even challenging your friends and race opponents. A superlight prepreg carbon board, especially designed to be fast and in control, on the racecourse and in the air.

The Pace SLS is a completely new rigid carbon prepreg construction, a guarantee to achieve a very light, still durable board for such a dedicated carbon construction. The overall design of the board is not only shaped to be fast, but to have the most fun in all sorts of conditions and disciplines, therefore the lightweight construction is offering great feedback for speed, cruising or freestyle. This special design is offering quite some volume just in case you need it, a high nose rocker and a big surface area to make it as easy and comfortable to use as possible. These features in combination significantly increase the light wind performance and handling. Rails are optimized to achieve the best leaning angles and the craziest upwind performance possible. Technically this board is state of the art, coming with a Track Four Way Mount, an air valve to protect the carbon construction when traveling and multiple foot strap options for your personal stance preferences.
The Pace SLS is a foil package with which you will turn heads not only on the water but also at the beach!


2021 Duotone Pace Kiteboarding Foilboard ActionPic
  • ALL-ROUND FREERIDE DESIGN: A fast design for speed and all other foil disciplines
  • TRACK MOUNT / 4 WAY MOUNT: A very solid connection to the mast guaranteeing the best performance possible
  • LIGHT WEIGHT CONSTRUCTION: Light weight construction for great feedback from the foil to the rider
  • RIGID CARBON PREPREG CONSTRUCTION: The carbon prepreg construction is the latest masterpiece of the R&D department, superlight and astonishingly good looking
  • EXTRA VOLUME: A little bit of extra volume helps for light wind performance and in wind holes
  • OPTIMIZED RAILS: The rails are shaped for insane upwind performance and crazy leaning angles


SIZES 3'11" x 18 x 2 4'2" x 18 1/2 x 2 1/8 4'6" x 18 5/16 x 2 1/3
VOLUME (L) 17.2 20.1