PIQ Kiteboarding Sensor Bundle

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PiQ Kiteboarding Sensor 

The PIQ Kiteboarding performance tracker is the newest action sports wearable technology for kiteboarding.

Your PIQ sensor will record your rides, measure your jumps (height, airtime, G-force at landing) in real time. The PIQ motion tracker will tell you everything there is to know about your performance. You'll be able to read the height of your last jump directly on your board with the press of a button. From beginners to seasoned professionals, the PIQ motion tracker was made with riders all levels in mind. With an app that's easy to navigate, you'll have the details of your performance at your fingertips. Share the details of your session with the PIQ community and discover your ranking!

Challenge, compete and compare - all in a matter of seconds! You will find in your box: your PIQ sensor, your PIQFuel charger, the North and PIQ Kiteboard accessory and the activation card. Charge your PIQ sensor with the PIQFuel and get ready for the session. 

Device Specifications

PIQ Specifications



PIQ LED Display


PIQ Kiteboarding Sensor Canada
PIQ kiteboarding Sensor Canada


As has been pointed out on some reviews of the PIQ, some of you may find the current permissions requested by the app... on the intrusive side. Based on my discussion with PIQ support, I believe this was largely them being unfamiliar with app development and how these permissions would be perceived, and NOT some heinous plan to capture and use your personal information.

PIQ support has indicated that they are currently working on updates to theirs apps to offer bother better / more refined control of the permissions as well better communicating what the permissions are required for.

In the mean time, here is what I was provided;

  1. North and PIQ needs to access your contacts so you can easily follow them and challenge each other. We are preparing a friend leaderboard were you will automatically access your friend leaderboard from your app. Note that your contacts information will be stored under your account on our server, and no information is shared with anyone;
  2. North and PIQ needs to access to your SMS so we can send you SMS with a validation code that is automatically read end entered inside the application during login/signup process;
  3. Localisation authorization: This will provide you with capability to precisely set the surf spot where you register your session. You can set this authorization off at any time through settings of the app. This is required as well by Android to search nearby device with Bluetooth capability since Android 6.0;
  4. North and PIQ need to access your camera so you can easily add picture to your profile and share nice pictures of your sessions;
  5. North and PIQ needs to access your photo library so you can easily add picture to your profile and share nice picture of your session;
  6. North and PIQ needs to access your Bluetooth to enable connection between PIQ Robot and your smartphone;
  7. North and PIQ needs to access your Microphone so you have possibility to add a voice note when sending report issue to us (used by Instabug integration to easily report issue or send feedback to our support team).