Ocean Rodeo Shift Bar 2.0

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Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift 2.0

Back line trim is here to stay! Get on the water to experience the future of kite control! Ocean Rodeo is once again leading the industry, this time with the introduction of back line trim technology. Our first generation Stick Shift bar was a brand new concept to the industry in 2017 with a completely new and innovative approach to trim control! No more arguing, back line trim control is here to stay! Overwhelming user feedback shows, back line trim control is far better than traditional front line trim! The newly updated Stick Shift features a number of fine adjustments, including a much more compact and well finished 8th generation trim loop assembly!

The Stick Shift 2.0 is 52 cm length.

Ocean Rodeo’s 2018 bars come complete with a premium bar bag. Coil zip for easy access. Mesh panels for quick drying. Inside pocket for pigtail storage. Includes assorted pigtails.

Comes complete with a 20” HD Kite Leash. Heavy duty 2.5cm (1”) wide webbing with flat elastic core. Corrosion resistant stainless clip with neoprene cover. Punch Out (push away) release cuff with pin and loop reset.

Flying Lines

  • Premium German made Liros DC 401 flying lines on both the fronts and backs
  • Orange and Grey Front and Back lines - Break Strength: 580 kgf
  • Line length 22 m



Twist the Sidewinder to add power, bump or nudge to depower with hands-on control in even the most gusty or overpowered conditions. Micro or macro power adjustments to match the conditions! Quarter turns deliver 1cm of trim, five full rotations sheets in 21cm of direct 1:1 trim adjustment! Instantly depower your kite with a swift downstroke motion on the knob or bump for incremental depower. With only one moving part, the simple open design allows rapid flushing of debris, easy inspection of all parts and simple maintenance if required.

 2018 Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift R3 Sidewinder

R3 G-Stop

The easily adjusted, single handed, on-the-fly bar stopper! The Stick Shift’s ultra clean front line set-up offers up to 1.2 meters (3’9”) in sheeting range. Realize the full sheeting range of your kite by pushing the stopper out to your maximum reach. New riders can slide the stopper completely out to maximum throw for near total depower on SLE kites by simply just letting go of the bar. All styles of rider will appreciate the flexible stopper positioning for specific moves.

2018 Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift 2 R3 G-Stop

Groove Bar

The Groove Bar’s carbon composite build delivers unparalleled strength while setting the new standard in lightweight bars. Ergonomically shaped for comfort, the under bar U channel houses the trim line and is easily flushed of all debris, ensuring smooth and reliable trim adjustment every time. Plush molded EVA grip with integrated bar floats deliver float, superior grip, and tangle free back lines. For cold conditions the plush EVA grip and Carbon Polymer bar is warmer on the hands than Aluminum tube bars.

2018 Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift 2.0 Groove Bar

Helix Force Tension

The Helix Force Tensioned rear lines ensure clean paying rear lines even with slack back line. This feature is crucial when rigging on the beach, allowing you to easily depower your kite before launch, even with no tension on the back lines. Helix Force Tensioning provides perfect spooling every time, regardless of line tension from the kite.

2018 Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift 2.0 Kite Bar Helix Force Tension

Relaunch Bead

Relaunch beads are located on the back line leaders just above the ends of the Helix Force Tension system. They offer an easy spot to grip if a back line pull is required to expedite water relaunch.

2018 Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift 2.0 Kite Bar Relaunch Bead