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Ocean Rodeo Glide A Series Wing


Glide A Series Foil Wing

The A-Series Glide is already many years ahead of the status quo in the fledgling sport of Wing Surfing. The entire airframe is built with revolutionary ALUULA composite assembled using the very latest in composite seam technology.
The combination of the ALUULA composites and new seaming technology delivers an ultra light and stiff airframe that can handle higher PSI than Darcon air frames. This combination is undoubtedly the future of Wing construction.


Built entirely of ultralight and super strong ALUULA 82gsm composite material. The leading edge and boom are 50% lighter and up to 50% stiffer than traditional Dacron airframe wings.
The new composite technology combined with higher inflation pressure delivers the most responsive wing on the market.

All maneuvers become easier with the A Series Glide Wing. Focus your attention on the water and this wing will be exactly where you want it, when you want it. No wrestling with the wing on transitions! This is truly next level wing performance!

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