Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series 5S


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Flite 5S A-Series


The Flite is a 5-strut boosting machine. If you want to truly send it then we have tuned the Flite to send you into the stratosphere!

This is the lightest 5-strut kite in the world. Featuring a full ALUULA airframe you can expect predictable and direct steering, and incredible sheet-in jumping: it’s a WOO/Surfr leaderboard destroyer.

With less aggressive performance than the Rise, the Flite suits riders who want to “send it” without looking to perform extreme megaloop moves.

We’re really stoked on the new Flite, and we think you will be too...

Limited availability. 10+12m available in shops now, further sizes coming soon.

Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series 5S Kite Weight

Size Weight (kg) Aspect Ratio
7m 1.7 4.7
8m 1.8 4.77
9m 2.0 4.83
10m 2.4 4.9
12m 2.6 5.0


Featuring an ultra-light and strong ALUULA Gold™ airframe, the A-Series Flite delivers predictable, direct steering and incredible sheet-in jumping!

2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series 5S Airframe

The 5-strut Flite A-Series is based on a wide arc that puts more canopy surface in the orientation needed to deliver as much lift and hang time as possible per square meter of kite. This higher aspect ratio design also generates less drag, allowing the kite to fly farther to the edge of the window and giving maximum vertical boost on takeoff.

The kite's wide arc is supported by a finely tuned bridle design that delivers smooth, predictable handling and control, whether milking the most out of a light wind session or going full send in top-end conditions.

2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite 5S A-Series Shape