Ocean Rodeo Crave A-Series


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Crave A Series


The most versatile kite in the Ocean Rodeo lineup is now built with an ALUULA airframe that takes it to the next level! It's the lightest, highest performing wave/freeride kite on the market.

Outstanding in the waves, the Crave is our high performing all-round kite. Shredding the surf, or not, the Crave has the attributes to take your riding to the next level. Quick and nimble, the 3-strut design is easy to use for all levels. Advanced riders will push their limits and perform like a pro, while the stable airframe and easy water relaunch make it ideal as the first performance kite for new riders progressing past the learning phase.

The Crave delivered numerous podium performances in the GKA Wave Tour in 2022, with Reece Myerscough rounding out the year in 5th overall. The Crave was also the kite of choice for Giel Vlugt when the conditions went storm force during the 2021 Cold Hawaii Big Air. Giel proved the 6m Crave can go massive, putting on a spectacular show landing himself in the final four.

Ocean Rodeo Crave A Series Kite Weight

Size Weight Aspect Ratio
5m TBA 4.14
6m TBA 4.27
7m TBA 4.33
8m TBA 4.33
9m TBA 4.41
10m TBA 4.41
12m TBA 4.6


Featuring a full ALUULA Gold™ airframe, the A-Series Crave arrives lighter and stronger than ever, with the 10m weighing in at only 4.6lbs / 2.1kg.

2023 Ocean Rodeo Crave A Series Aluula Air Frame

The ultimate all-rounder, the Crave now has graduated Forward Swept Tips (FST), delivering snappier pivots, and crisp, nimble and controlled kite loops, ensuring world-class performance, whatever your riding style. The Crave A-Series has also been fine-tuned for stability and control, with enhanced drift capabilities for wave riding, and for predictable and dependable freeride performance.

Whether you are wave-riding and want a kite that will turn on a dime, or for committed freestyle sending, predictable performance and power on tap, the Crave is the kite for you.

2023 Ocean Rodeo Crave A Series Shape

Specifically designed to be a wave / strapless freestyle hybrid, the Crave has a moderate sweep and an open C arch, providing maximum flying control even when the kite is at the extreme edges of the window.

The Crave's aspect ratio delivers a perfect drift and upwind performance balance with lightning-quick relaunches.