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Fanatic Sky Wing


Sky Wing

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* March 23rd updated ETA is end of June / early July


Wing Foiling

The Sky Wing is the dedicated board range for Wing Foiling. Perfectly bridging the gap between our Sky SUP and Sky Surf ranges, these shapes are ultra-compact and loaded with volume for an easy start and maximum maneuverability in flight mode.

Everything about the Sky Wing boards has been optimized for Wing Foiling. The compact shapes are split in two directions: The two smaller models have their focus from freeride to waves, with a curvier rocker line, forgiving bevelled rails and deep double concaves creating a flat section for early going and smooth touch downs at the same time.
The larger 5’4” is focused on the earliest take off possible with minimal board size. The flat rocker with sharp release edges in the tail cater for maximum glide needed for a quick flight in light winds.

Once you’ve learned your first steps into this fascinating new discipline – the Sky Wing is exactly what you want! Much more compact than a SUP Foil board, yet still easy enough to start and get up and out of the water.

The newly released 5'8 Sky Wing has a width of 28" and volume of 110L, 
The newly released 6'0 Sky Wing has a width of 30" and volume of 130L

2020 Fanatic Sky Wing Specs