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2022 Unit D/Lab

Wave & Downwind / Jumping & Freestyle / Freeride

Forget what you think you know about wings, the Unit D/LAB has arrived and sets a new benchmark of wing design. With over 15% in weight savings and 50% higher stiffness when compared to the original Dacron version, the performance of the Unit D/LAB will blow your mind.

Throwing convention out of the window, this is the latest offering carrying the prestigious D/LAB label which is synonymous with leading innovation and technology, breaking the boundaries of what was thought to be possible. The Duotone Laboratory uses the most cutting edge materials and design techniques, putting material and development costs aside with the sole focus on developing the ultimate product possible.
Duotone Unit D/LAB Foil Wing Aluula Airframe
The Unit D/LAB is the first high-end wing to come out of the Duotone laboratory. Using the latest version of Aluula fabric in combination with new construction features reduces the weight and sets a whole new standard in lift, flex and response. The Unit D/LAB isn’t just a lighter version of the Unit; the performance has been significantly improved, allowing you to fly earlier, with more grunt getting you up on foil sooner. You’ll experience improved acceleration and higher upwind angles even in lighter winds. The wing generates incredible amounts of lift and power even in the slightest breeze, making foiling possible in close to no wind with the larger sizes while being able to fly higher, with extra hang time for jumps and additional lift throughout transitions.

The character of the Unit range is tailored for stable and effortless drift when riding waves and swell. With the comfort and control of our new rigid handles combined with the extra grunt and lift of the wing, the Unit D/LAB excels across disciplines from surfing waves, sending jumps all the way to freestyle and freeride.

The D/LAB version of the Unit is quite simply the best wing you can get your hands on!

Size 3,5 4 4,5 5 5,5 6 6,5
Windrange (kts) 15 - 35 12 - 30 10 - 28 8 - 25 7 - 22 6 - 20 5 - 18
Weight (kg) tbc tbc tbc tbc tbc tbc tbc
Max inflation pressure * 8 7,5 7 6,5 6,5 6 6
Control Unit 2 Handles 2 Handles 2 Handles 2 Handles 2 Handles 2 Handles 2 Handles
Rec. Leash size 4'' (M) 4'' (M) 4'' (M) 5'' (L) 5'' (L) 5'' (L) 5'' (L)



Neutral and effortless on the wave - The Unit D/LAB follows intuitive, light and stable when held on the front handle while surfing and during downwinders

Aluula frame for minimal weight and maximum performance, with about half the weight of standard dacron and about 50% higher stiffness, the Aluula leading edge and strut make the Unit D/LAB extremely responsive and efficient

Postive lift - easy for tacks, lifty for jumps - The more segmented leading edge and panel layout allowed for optimized canopy tension and twist, resulting in positive lift even through gusts

Rigid handles for direct control - Our unique, lightweight, screwed on handle solution offers boom-like comfort and control with direct steering and a grip range of 26cm per handle

Optimized window layout for safety and comfort with a reduction in weight - The new window position offers better visibility and higher safety with reduced window area at the same time 

The stable profile with moderate dihedral and extremely rigid leading edge and strut offers a great deal of draft stability, power generation and direct response on all courses with excellent upwind performance