Duotone Spirit Carve Foil

or as low as 12 X $ 159900 with

Mast Length

Duotone Carve 950

Performance Features

  • Best Carving
  • High Maneuverability and Outstanding Glide
  • Fast Wave Riding

The new 950 wing was developed for maximum maneuverability and glide to perform tacks, jibes and 360s. Essentially it's a scaled down version of a pure surf foil wing. The 950 lifts early and has an incredible stability for ripping smooth, controlled carves on tiny waves for flat water.This wing is all about control, carving, glide and seamless transitions with incredible stability and predictability for those looking for a great cross over between kite and surf foil feeling.

Technical Details

  • New aluminium fuselage with pocket for mast connection for maximum stiffness and best transmission of steering impulses
  • New mast profile with longer chord length eliminates to avoid ventilation at high speed
  • Full carbon front and back wing
  • Formula 1 fusion technology for connection of mast and plate - mad in Germany
  • Complimentary wedges for individual back wing fine tuning
  • Compatible with all other Spirit wings!

Package Includes

  • Carbon front wing 950
  • Carbon back wing 215
  • Aluminum fuselage
  • Aluminum Mast
  • Screw set
  • Wedge set
  • Allen key 4mm + 5mm
  • Foil bag with covers for;
    • front wing,
    • back wing,
    • fuselage,
    • mast