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Armstrong SKT 411

Armstrong Surf Tow Wake 455

The Surf+Kite+Tow 411 is a fantastic larger size all round board, it's light, easy to ride, very low swing weight for its size, making it easy to maneuver and shred turns.

Ideal for prone surf and kite foiling, suited to mid and heavier weight riders due to the increased volume and length. These boards simply fly, with our new triple concave bottom shape for early take off, and slight deck recess to give you that super connected feel. Multiple reinforced foot strap inserts allow perfect placement for progressive riders that want to be strapped in.


  • All boards are built tough, with the Armstrong no compromise design approach
  • Featuring a unique Dual Carbon Stringer System (DCSS) for a keyed in connection between the board and mast.
  • Plus the deck and rail incorporate high-density foam sandwiched with double wrapped Inegra rail and Carbon completing the ultra solid ride.

Dimensions: 4’11 x 21’ x 3’
Volume: 38 L
Weight: 3700g

*Comes complete with deck grip and protective board bag.
*Foot straps and Adjustable Carbon Kick pad not included.