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2021 Duotone Fish SLS Kiteboarding Surfboard


Duotone Fish SLS

Smaller Waves / Classic Surf

The ultimate small wave and light wind board just got even better; the new SLS construction combines with an updated shape to make the board even more fun on the water. 

2021 Duotone Fish SLS Kiteboarding Surfboard Characteristics

The Pro Fish set a new benchmark for light wind, which a small wave board should be capable of. By 2021 Sky Solbach has been working on new construction and an updated shape that results in the Fish SLS. It’s going to be pro riders' choice when the wind is light, and the waves aren’t firing down the line. This year, the outline curve has been modified to enhance further the board's maneuverability and agility in small waves. This means you can rip top to bottom turns with more speed and aggression than ever before.

The SLS construction makes the board even lighter, which improves low-end capabilities. Performance is branded into the boards DNA, and as the waves pick up in size, it is designed to handle the conditions. From one to six-foot, the Fish SLS is an absolute ripper, the wide nose develops lots of speed, and the flat rocker generates power even in the weakest of sets. Many riders have found the Fish SLS became their go-to board no matter the conditions, the mix of a retro shape with a thoroughly modern twist makes it a heady combination.


2021 Duotone Fish SLS Kiteboarding Surfboard ActionPic

  • SMALL WAVE SLAYER: The waves might be small, but the fish SLS always makes it fun.
  • CARRIES SPEED WITH LITTLE KITE POWER: The outline, shape, and volume of the fish SLS make it glide through-hulls and use smaller kites in general.
  • GREAT ALL-ROUNDER WITH EASY PERFORMANCE: All-rounder, but packed with loads of action and performance.
  • INNEGRA SHIELD: Vastly increases durability and impact resistance, making the SLS boards significantly more resilient against cracks, dings, and heel dents.
  • CORK SHOCK ABSORBER 2.0: The cork shock absorber 2.0 is applied as a damper in the board's heel area to avoid heel dents.
  • CARBON BEAM: For durability and lightweight construction.

No matter what the wind and waves are doing, get a ride on the 2021 Duotone Fish SLS Kiteboarding Surfboard, and you’ll be spoilt forever!

SIZES 5'1" x 18 3/4" x 2 1/8" 5'3" x 19 1/4" x 2 5/16" 5'5" x 19 3/4" x 2 1/2"
VOLUME 22.4L 25.6L 29.3L
WEIGHT 45-70KG 55-75KG 70-90KG