Ocean Rodeo

2019 Ocean Rodeo Flite


Ocean Rodeo Flite

Provides high performance dynamic riding with big lofty jumps even in the lightest of wind


The Flite is the lightest Kite we’ve ever made, but don’t let that make you think it’s like every other light wind kite on the market. This kite isn’t just built to fly in light wind, it’s built to perform. Tested on the rocky pacific northwest waters, the Flite’s innovative construction still allows riders the chance to ride waves, boost big lofty jumps, and can build immense speed for those on a foil board. The Flite truly is the only high performance light wind kite.

The flite is a perfect choice for lightwind riding, foiling and practicing those new tricks, transitions and tumbles with low consequence!

Sizes: 8m / 10m / 12m / 14.5m / 17m

2019 Ocean Rodeo Flite Characteristics

*New - Precision Curve Struts

New Curved struts hold the designed foil shape delivering the desired performance through the wind range.

2019 ocean rodeo flite precision curve struts

*New - Tapered Struts and LE

Designed to offer the most aerodynamic air frame, we’ve tapered the ends of both the leading edge and struts to deliver the ultimate in drag reduction.

2019 ocean rodeo flite tapered struts

*New - Speed Inflation System

Every aspect of our Speed Inflation system has been fine tuned over the years to be low profile, reduce drag, and above all to ensure that you spends less time on the beach and more time on the water.

Featuring all new EVA Clamp covers. See if your clip is open or shut. Light and easy to operate.